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Thandie captured in “Work In Progress” exhibition

Thandie Newton is featured in the “I Am Film – Work In Progress” exhibition, which is part of the Doha Film Institute .  The talent behind this exhibition are two sisters, Brigitte and Marian LaCombe.  The exhibition consists of filmed … Continue reading

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Thandie goes ‘Rogue’ in Vancouver

In early 2013, DirectTV plans to air 10 episodes of the TV series called Rogue.  It is set on the streets of Oakland, but it was filmed in Vancouver, a city Thandie describes as “part of our family”. Rogue centers … Continue reading

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ARISE magazine lists Thandie among 100 dynamic women

ARISE magazine is an African style magazine that celebrates the continent’s fashion, culture, music and politics.  It was launched in 2009 and it featured Thandie in it’s first issue. In it’s latest issue, it lists Thandie among 100 remarkable women … Continue reading

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Thandie Newton V-Day member

Thandie Newton believes “celebrity have their own authority in the world” and that’s why she makes it a point to take on roles that bring awareness to problems around the world.  One particular cause Thandie has been very vocal about … Continue reading

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