Thandie Newton and Kay Montano – Gal Pals

Thandie Newton with Kay MontanoKay Montano is an amazingly talented makeup artist who I discovered while searching on Thandie’s 2007 bafta look.  This was when I stumbled upon Kay’s beauty segment on the Daily Mail.  She gave great tips and recommendations for products.  In fact, I have to thank her for introducing me to products such as the Chanel Vitalumiere and Becca.   I always get compliments on my skin, especially with the Vitalumiere.

Kay is Thandie’s go to makeup artist for most events. Based on various articles I have read, it sounds like they are really good friends.  The two first met at a Vogue shoot in 2006.  Kay recalls in an article featured in the Daily Mail how working with Thandie was like getting ready for a night out with the girls.  She describes Thandie as someone who loves to try new things. On their first shoot, Kay applied a bright purple eyeshadow (first photo below).

Kay Montano’s artistry truly is refreshing!  From a beautiful glowing canvas to bright jewel tone lips, Kay is able to create a variety of unique looks for each of her subjects.  For example, in her work with Thandie, the underlying look she creates is a glowing, buttery base with emphasis on highlighting her cheekbones and perfecting those doe eyes with the signature black eyeliner with a slight wing at the end.  The simplicity of this look is reflective of Thandie’s personality and beauty philosophy of “less is more”.  Thandie is known for keeping the focus on one thing when it comes to her style: if she is wearing a designer gown, she keeps her makeup and accessories neutral, while she would add a bright lip or thicker liner with a subdued outfit.


I hope someday in the near future the two work on a beauty /fashion book or, even better, release a beauty line together.  I know a lot of ladies out there would love it!

Something to Note: Aside from being a beauty guru, I consider Kay to also be a valuable source in learning about some amazing people.  She has a great section on her site under ‘Kay community‘ that highlights some interesting topics such as Thandie’s TEDtalk: “Embracing Otherness, embracing myself”, Leymah Gbowee: “Unlocking the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls”

Check out Kay Montano’s site

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