Halloween Special: Thandie Newton channels sultry vamp

This month’s style report by “Today’s Black Woman“(TBW) magazine shows Thandie modeling two glamorous, sultry looks (perfect for a stylish Halloween party!) The TBW team share how you can recreate them. Grab a copy on newsstands now.



credit: TBW magazine, John Russo

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2 Responses to Halloween Special: Thandie Newton channels sultry vamp

  1. Commando Cody says:

    The steam has finally ceased coming out of my ears and my heart rate is back to normal after gazing upon these spellbinding images. When one looks up the definition of the term “Femme Fatale” it should be accompanied by these pictures of Thandie as an illustration. She would have little difficulty persuading me to support her in any devilish venture she fancies in that bewitching outfit.

    Thanks for sharing!

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