The Crescendo Of One Billion Rising

Valentine’s day marked the 15th anniversary of V-Day which was founded by Eve Ensler. Supporters across the world joined hands today  to celebrate the “One Billion Rising”  campaign.

Thandie Newton has been a supporter and member of V-Day since the beginning, leading the campaign in the UK.

Thandie Newton at One Billion Rising Flashmob in London, credit: fashionmagazine247










It seems “One Billion Rising” was a family affair in the Parker household.  As Ol Parker, Thandie’s writer/director husband tweeted, ”[t]he music’s loud as my daughters learn the dance for tomorrow’s #1BillionRising flashmob. ”

Thandie led the gathering of men and women outside of Parliament where she gave a powerful reading of “Rising,” Ensler’s newest monologue.  She then went on to lead a flashmob in a dance to “Break the Chain,” the campaign’s theme song.  Blue balloons were also released in memory of the 109 women murdered last year in the UK.

Thandie Newton dancing at One Billion Rising flashmob in London, credit just jared

Ol Parker at One Billion Rising credit: fashionmagazine247Thandie Newton dancing at the One Billion Rising flashmob in London credit: justjared

Flawless magazine captured the key events of the day in the video below.

Thandie also spoke to CNN about the exploitation of women, sharing her own traumatic experiences as a young and vulnerable actress. I admire Thandie most of all because of this willingness to make herself vulnerable and openly share revealing and painful memories solely for the benefit of others. This is where Thandie’s true beauty lies — beneath the surface.

Eve Ensler was thrilled with the campaign and spoke to Democracy Now from Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Ensler sees the campaign as a start to significant changes in preventing violence against women and proudly cited the example of the South Kiva police in Congo signing a commitment to V-Day to end sexual violence.

Today was a beautiful and empowering day for me, as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.  Although I was not able to attend in person, I have been closely following the day’s events from across the globe.   And to imagine that were it not for Thandie, I likely wouldn’t have discovered V-Day in the first place. Thank you Thandie!

Ensler’s tweet summed up the day very nicely:

“#1billionrising is beyond our wildest dream but actually is our dream. now we have to live it. thank you world for RISING. HUGE CRAZY LOVE”


Photo sources: fashionmagazine247, justjared, zimbio

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