The Truth About Charlie turns Ten

October marks the tenth anniversary of “The Truth about Charlie,” director Jonathan Demme’s remake of the 1960′s classic “Charade.”  Thandie plays Regina Lambert (originally played by Audrey Hepburn), a newly wed who returns from her vacation to find her husband murdered.  The plot thickness as Regina learns about her husband’s secret life and is chased by dangerous characters in search of the millions of dollars linked to her husband. Regina turns to Joshua Peters (played by Mark Wahlberg), a man she met while on holiday, and the two attempt to uncover the truth.

There is a good dose of thrilling twists and turns, and fast paced chase scenes throughout beautiful Paris, sprinkled with many great cameos by foreign movie stars. I loved the ending with Charles Aznavour singing “Quand Tu M’aimes.”

Thandie shapes Regina in her own unique way, bringing a sense of innocence and playfulness to the role. In fact, it is even reported that director Demme cast Thandie partly because he wanted her to bring her true self to the character, including mannerisms and facial expressions or ‘tics’ as he calls them.  As Roger Ebert very nicely puts it in his review:  “If it is true that there will never be another Audrey Hepburn, and it is, I submit it is also true that there will never be another Thandie Newton.”   I enjoyed revisiting “The Truth about Charlie” during my weekly movie night and hope you enjoy it as well.


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