Yellow Sun Setting

Thandie-Newton-Achiche-Half-Of-A-Yellow-SunI finally finished the audiobook. The end is much like a sun setting. It was slow and steady. Beautiful yet sad. Something peaceful to marvel at and reflect on. Achiche’s gift is richly descriptive and original writing. Her story telling is authentic. Most of all, the characters are real. One feels empathy throughout the story.  Apart from the actual story, the book also led me to some interesting discoveries.

Afrobeat_Music_Rex_Lawson_KutiFirst, I discovered Rex Lawson’s wonderful music. This also equipped me to start a fun conversation with someone from Sierra Leon while waiting for my plane at the airport in Philadelphia. As a result, I learned of Fela Kuti and Afrobeat music. What a gift! Kuti lived an exceptional life and gave us some truly soul moving music. I also learned about Nigeria and the Biafran War as I was compelled to research more about the backdrop of the story.

Biafra-warFinally, perhaps for the first time, I got a true appreciation and understanding for what infidelity is, its destructive power, and how even the best of people can be swayed in unimaginable ways.

Without a doubt, Adiche’s treatment of this last subject is the best part of the overall story. It will be interesting to see how the story is transformed for the big screen. I hope Thandie portrays Olanna just as beautifully as she did Thandiwe in “Flirting.”

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