2013 BAFTA Awards

Thandie Newton and Ol Parker at 2013 BAFTA awards, photo credit: zimbioEE British Academy Film Awards - Afterparty - Inside Arrivals, photo source: IMBDThandie Newton, photo source: uk.lifestyle.yahoo








Tonight was the 2013 BAFTA awards.   Thandie Newton and her husband Ol Parker looked radiant on the red carpet.  Parker’s movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” was nominated in the category “Outstanding British Film.”

Caroline Flack caught up with Thandie and Ol Parker on the red carpet.  Below is the transcript via BAFTA.org:

Thandie Newton and Ol Parker on BAFTA Red Carpet, photo credit:  @AntoniaOBrien via twitter

“CAROLINE FLACK:  I am joined by the lovely Thandie Newton.  How are you this evening?

A. I’m cold but excited.

Q. But hey, you’re clever, you bought a pashmina with you?

A. I’ve brought a really — it’s like a blanket.  I’ve brought a cosy blanket to cover up my gown.

Q. You still look very slick and very lovely.

A. Well, let me show you my gorgeous dress.  I’m so proud of my lovely dress.  Look at that!

Q. We are predominantly a fashion show; who are you wearing tonight?

A. Louis Vuitton.  Because I’m a grown-up.

Q. And you are here with your husband tonight.

A. My gorgeous husband.

Q. Ol Parker, come on in.  Ol, congratulations on your nomination for Best British Film; how does that feel?

OL PARKER:  It feels exciting, yeah.  It would feel more nerve wracking if I thought we had a chance of winning.  But it feels fine –


OL PARKER:  You never know.

THANDIE NEWTON:  It is the Best British Film, it’s so appropriate.

Q. So, is it like BAFTA fever in your house at the minute?

A. The girls are furious.  Our two daughters are furious that they’re not with us tonight.

Q. Why didn’t you bring them?

A. Well, you know.  I think they would probably get bored after a few minutes.  It’s just, when you watch it on television, you lucky people, it looks so slick and dreamy but the reality, obviously, is you’ve probably some plasters on the blisters of your –

Q. Long johns?

A. Yeah, in your long johns, all right.  And your Spanx.  No, but I think they’ll probably — well, certainly the youngest, who wants to be an actress, will be here off her own bat one day.

Q. In A couple of years?

A. God, a couple of years.

Q. Excluding your own film, of course, what other films have you enjoyed this year.

OL PARKER:  Beasts of the Southern Wild I thought was a masterpiece.  I’d like them to win absolutely everything.

THANDIE NEWTON:  Silver Linings Playbook was wonderful, such good performances.

Q. It really was.  Well, listen guys, good luck tonight, of course.  Have a lovely evening.

Back to you Dermot, who are you with? ”

For the list of all winners, visit BAFTA.org.


photo sources: zimbio, IMBD, uk.lifestyle.yahoo, @AntoniaOBrien via twitter

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