“A chance for a Brave New World”

Thandie Newton, Eve Ensler, Anoushka Shankar, photo sources: lazygirls.info, demotixThandie is online and sharing! Head over to OneBillionRising.org to read about “London Rising” and to get a rare glimpse into Thandie’s writing. How wonderful! This gives me renewed hope that someday I might convince her to delight us with an interview or better yet, a guest post here on thandie.net. Here’s a brief excerpt of what it was like for Thandie at “London Rising”:

This movement is literally PHENOMENAL. We are rising… It’s already begun… It’s been beginning since we were little girls, and we are forcing open the flood gates. It’s extraordinary to witness – even Eve is overwhelmed. She can’t stop crying.

Don’t forget to lend your support on February the 14th. Get ready to rise!


photo source: lazy girls.info, demotix

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