Half of a Yellow Sun

Thandie and John on the set of Half of a Yellow Sun, credit: John BoyegaI am delighted to be listening to ‘Half of a Yellow Sun,’ the audiobook by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, narrated by Robin Miles. I’m at chapter seven and already captivated by the story and how well it is told. Thus far it feels very much like a character play but I have a feeling that the slow build up will unravel a great story. This audiobook was a gift to my wife to help her prepare for researching into the upcoming movie staring Thandie Newton and I started listening to it out 0f curiosity. Having been introduced to Olanna, it is clear why Thandie was chosen to play her. In fact, much as it seemed that Thandiwe (‘Flirting’) was written just for Thandie, so it is true in this case that Olanna mirrors so much of the real Thandie Newton. Olanna, just the same as Thandie, is a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman, with a deep connection to her native Africa. I await in anticipation for the release of Half of a Yellow Sun. I hope Thandie has played the role as naturally as she did with Thandiwe, letting some of her own real life experiences and character shine through Olanna.  Above is a sneak peak picture from the set of Half of a Yellow Sun with Thandie next to John Boyega who plays Ugwu.

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