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During my search on Thandie Newton news I was pleasantly surprised to read a tweet by one of my favorite vocalists, Leona Lewis.  It read: “I love her!” Lewis had written a lovely post on her blog called “Obessed with Queen Thandie” where she talks about how Thandie had been an inspiration while she was growing up.

Leona Lewis is an incredible vocalist who had won X factor in the UK 7 years ago. She recently started the blog Lee-Loy.com with her friend Maloy. Both ladies share their experiences, thoughts and tips in a very geninue and down to earth writing style. I would recommend making a stop, I plan on being a frequent visitor!

I always love hearing what other fans like about Thandie and their experiences if they have been lucky to meet her.  Let me know what draws you to Thandie.

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2 Responses to Leona Lewis loves Thandie Newton

  1. stephen l says:

    i think she is one of the three most beautiful, goegous, n talented actresses in the world, every time i c her im amazed at her beauty n talent. never meant her, THAT would b a dream

    • Jeen says:

      Hi Stephen,

      I completely agree with you…she is beautiful (inside and out) and talented! I too would love to meet her one day. Hope you are enjoying the site and I hope you stop by soon!


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