Thandie attends je t’écoute

Thandie Newton, photo credit: Laura BaileyBella Freud, Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey, photo credit: mydaily








The picture of Thandie above and to the left was taken by Laura Bailey at the screening of the short film “Je t’écoute.” I am not sure whether Bailey intended it this way, but the picture taken from what looks to be a mobile phone camera has shades of sepia which enhances Thandie’s overall look, giving it a World War II era feel. It is, how do you say, very apropos?! ;-)

Thandie was at the screening last night to support her friends Laura Bailey and Bella Freud for their collaborative work. Bailey is famously known for her modeling work with big labels such as Chanel and Temperley London. She is also a writer and cultural ambassador for the British Fashion Council.  Bailey currently blogs and contributes to British Vogue magazine. Bella Freud is a fashion designer who started her career with Vivienne Westwood and went on to start her own line in the nineties, best known for its knitwear.  In fact, the outfit Thandie is wearing in the picture is a dark blue knit dress by Freud.

Unfortunately, the movie is not generally available for viewing, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I have read the movie is about childhood.

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