Thandie goes ‘Rogue’ in Vancouver

In early 2013, DirectTV plans to air 10 episodes of the TV series called Rogue.  It is set on the streets of Oakland, but it was filmed in Vancouver, a city Thandie describes as “part of our family”.

Rogue centers around an undercover cop Grace Travis, played by Thandie Newton, who struggles emotionally with the possibility that her actions could have contributed to the death of her son.  She takes to the streets of Oakland to find the killer but the plot thickens when she has a relationship with a crime boss (Marton Csokas) who may have been complicit in the death of her son.

Writer-creator Matthew Parkhill describes the show as “dark” and draws comparisons to shows like ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘The Shield’.

Parkhill cast Thandie even before completing the script and attributes her performance in Crash as one of the reasons why she was perfect to play Grace Travis: ”That one image where she was hanging upside-down in a car … all of that pain, all of that agony, all of that anger, that rage. That was Grace, in one image.”

You can read the full interview by The Province

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