Thandie Newton goes to Vogue’s “All Four Corners”

Thandie-Newton-All-Four-Corners-Exhibition copy

Thandie Newton looked ‘tres chic’ at the All Four Corners exhibition party hosted by Louis Vuitton in London on 25th April.  The exhibition is part of the Vogue Festival: a stylish event held in London between 27th-28th April that gives audiences insights into the fashion world from industry experts.

All Four Corners showcases the iconic images created and captured by photographer Tom Craig and stylist Bay Garnett for British Vogue. Tom Craig is known for taking unique and “in the moment” photos.  While Garnett has styled for some of fashion’s biggest names, including Vogue, Chloe, and Matthew Williamson.

In 2011, Craig and Garnett worked with Thandie Newton on the “Double Exposure” project for Louis Vuitton. For the campaign, Craig used a 19th century photographic process, which he explains to Thandie in the following video:

“Double Exposure” is not the only campaign where Garnett has styled Thandie.  She also styled Thandie for the Martini “Stay Beautiful” campaign in 2009.

Thandie-Newton-Double-Exposure-Martini copy

You can find more information about the Vogue Festival on their website.

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