Thandie Newton stars in Red’s Anti-Aging special

I finally got hold of the November issue of Red magazine at my local Barnes and Noble. I was not only excited about the obvious…a feature on Ms. Newton, but also the photos and styling from this shoot. Back in an earlier post, I shared a video by Red that gave us a sneak peak into the shoot. Thandie mentions having the ‘old team back together’- Kerry Warn (Hair), Kay Montano (makeup) and Max Abadian (photographer).” Not to mention the stylist Nicola Rosa. The romantic setting, pastel/blush coloring, Thandie’s curly hair and makeup looked amazing!

The interview was part of Red’s Anti-aging special and bias aside, I think they chose the perfect person to open this feature. Thandie looked radiant!

Here are some of things she spoke about:

Her Beauty Icon: Maggie Smith

maggie-smithAll those lines, the expressiveness…Honestly, I just thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a long time.




Thandie’s beauty buddies:












Thandie-Red-Wellness copy

You can look better at 50 than you did at 30, if you have wellness as your priority

Thandie loves juicing! Using her Omega VRT350 Vert Juicer she makes a variety of mixers including the following:

1) Beetroot, Fennel, lemon, ginger

2) Broccoli, parsley, fennel, lemon, ginger

Did you know she stays fit by practicing Jivamukti Yoga?

Self Awareness and Acceptance:

Buddhism-Hoffman-therapy copy

Thandie talks about becoming more self aware and self accepting as she has gotten older but also credits help from Buddhism, therapy, The Hoffman Process and “Going to Pieces without Falling Apart” a book by Mark Epstein, M.D.



Fashion icon:

Thandie is no stranger to vintage, some of her favorites being  Jean Muir and Ossie Clark. Therefore it was no surprise that she wore four vintage dresses on her Rogue promo tour.  All from the London based store “The Gathering Goddess.











Some of her other favorite places to shop in London are “Aime”, which she loves for everyday clothes and “Alfies Antique Market” for home decor.

Thandie on Aging:
It’s a message life is giving us. If we look in the mirror and think “God, what’s happening?” that should prompt us to ask, “How can I get the most out of this day? What’s happening I’m not happy about?” I think what tends to happen with people is we are in this bizarre loop – this relationship hasn’t worked, so we start again. We ‘re constantly throwing stuff away, where we should be trying to grow and work and learn.

…so eloquent and oh so true!

credit: Red Magazine, Max Abadian, thandiekay, google images: credit to respective owners

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