Thandie’s interview with ‘Psychologies’ magazine

Thandie-newton-June-psychologiesI finally managed to get a copy of the June issue of Psychologies magazine, thanks to eBay.  Thandie Newton is the cover star and there is a great interview by Samantha Wood in which Thandie talks about a variety of topics including aging, death, unhealthy relationships and her family.  She very nicely articulates her learnings from studying anthropology, Buddhism and going to therapy. Thandie is open, honest, vulnerable and down to earth  – one of the many reasons I adore her.

I wanted to share some highlights from the interview which stood out.  For example, her answer on her challenges with motherhood struck a personal cord with me.  It is comforting to know that even Thandie who seems to have it all together also feels “like I  have to prove I’m worthy of [being a mother.]” Here are a few more excerpts as Thandie opens up on …

Getting older:


“I like getting older as I’ve acquired more nous about how to get through this life, and all this experience allows me to inform my daughters of the pitfalls and the peaks.”

Fearing death and finding acceptance:

“I wouldn’t say I’m fearful of it, it’s a richer feeling than fear.  I respect it. I respect the inevitability. Through the process of giving birth you ‘understand’. Life and death are so connected – and when you give birth, you’re fully experiencing the fragility of it and the power of it.”

The challenges of motherhood:

“Earning the right to be called their mother. Legally I am their mother, but personally I feel like I have to prove I’m worthy of it, and by doing that I’m a good enough role model for them.”

Moving forward with her husband Ol Parker:


“I’ve been through more stuff with Ol than anyone else and it’s not always easy, yet it is the most powerful, best and most important relationship that I have ever, ever, had. The difference with Ol is that the faith I have in him as a human being just surpasses the faith I have ever had in anybody else, because of his ability and willingness to reach for better and to be truthful.”

This is a lovely interview that shows a different and intimate side of Thandie Newton. As writer Samantha Wood puts it: “Thandie is extraordinarily intelligent and has the ability to make you feel special –  as if there is nowhere else she’d like to be but in the room with you.” I highly recommend you all get a copy of the June issue to read the full interview.

source: Psychologies magazine, google images

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