Thandie Newton’s Getaway


The summer holidays are fast approaching and many of you (the organized ones) probably have planned your vacations. I am still undecided on where to go, with a couple of options such as Hawaii and the caribbean recommended by friends. This gave me the idea to write a post about places Thandie has recommended.

Mediterranean escape

ibiza_vintageholidaysIbiza is an island in the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Spain. It is an island that has something for everyone, but it is best known in Europe for its night life. Ibiza is a place Thandie finds herself going back to regardless of the time of year: According to her, “[it's] dynamic and sexy, yet peaceful. We tend to skip the party scene in the south, although we’ve been to Ibiza Rocks a couple of times. Recently we saw Dizzee Rascal, who my kids loved, I had to wear earplugs, though.”

Fusion dream

Shanti_MauriceMauritius is a beautiful island formed by volcanic eruptions from the depths of the Indian Ocean. Thandie vacationed here last summer and stayed at the luxury resort “Shanti Maurice” on the south coast of Mauritius.  The resort is well known for its ayurveda spa “Nira” and it’s beachfront villa with private pools.

The resort is surrounded by rich plantations and over the last couple of years it has invested in maintaining its beautiful environment via the “plant a tree” program. This initiative asks the resort’s celebrity visitors to plant a tree. It was initiated  by the ex Deputy President of South Africa Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuk . Thandie planted her tree in 2011.

The climate in Mauritius is sub-tropical all-year round. As Thandie describes it,  “[my] skin has never glowed so much! All throughout the day, there was this warm rain-they call it liquid sun. It’s like a spa for the skin.”

Mexico’s paradise

Mexico copyCuixmala is a private estate situated on the pacific coast of Mexico, once owned by business tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith. It is a eco-conscious traveler’s dream with its acres of lush forests, beaches, exotic animals and organic farms. It is no surprise that Thandie calls it “heaven on earth” – ” I feel at one with the landscape.  It’s luxurious without leaving a heavy carbon footprint…”

At Cuixmala, Thandie and her family spent their time horseback riding, racing hermit crabs, building sandcastles and releasing baby turtles (from Cuixmala’s turtle sanctuary) into the ocean during egg hatching season.

Caribbean nights

AntiguaLastly, Thandie also vacations in the Caribbean, specifically in Antigua.  She has mentioned two places she likes along the coast of Antigua.  Jumby Bay, for a more secluded vacation where even the bathrooms are outdoors.  This hideaway is only accessible by boat.  The other is Carlisle Bay, a luxury resort located between a beautiful beach and natural rainforest.The time spent at Carlisle Bay is one of Thandie’s favorite family holidays.  “Everything was right on the beach, so my husband and I could watch our two daughters play while having delicious food.”

I hope this has given you ideas for your next vacation and would love to hear from you.

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